Choosing a quality photo album is very important to support the creativity and increase the sale value of a photo work. It is explored in the discussion about how to choose a good album in terms of quality, design, in accordance with the needs and budget, and there is one more thing that is not less important and will be discussed at this time that is company reliability.

The factor of company as a creator of quality is very important. Many companies claim to have experienced and become expert in making quality photo album but it is actually not appropriate. Therefore, a professional photographer should be more selective in choosing a trusted company for making photo albums. The reputation of the photographer is not only judged by the beauty of the photo created, but also his concern for the presentation media provided for his clients (in this case, the presentation media is a photo album)

The conditions of a company to be called “reliable” in making photo album are:


Capacity or the ability of album manufacturer to meet the album capacity required by the client & the ability to meet the capacity in large quantities will greatly assist the photographer in handling large projects that would require the capacity of album in great amount in a relatively short time. Besides, the album is not able to meet the demand capacity of your client even though the order has been handled. Other case is when a manufacturer making photo album in small quantity with good quality, but for large capacity the quality is unstable.

Supply & selection

Supply or availability of materials and selection of the types of quality materials in the photo albums manufacture process are significant and important factors for a photo albums manufacturer company that can be categorized reliable. If we talk about the supply of materials, album manufacturer must have a stock of materials and capable of fulfilling the required capacity of the client (unless indeed the material production has been discontinued in the market). While in terms of selection of materials used to make a photo album, it would directly show the quality of the album produced. Because if the design of an album is beautiful and good but it is not accompanied by the quality of materials used, the album and the photos inside will not last long (at present time, the consumers are very smart, they know which stuffs are good and which stuff are bad).

After sales (guarantee)

In accordance with the principles of the consumer in buying a product, one of the most important things is after sales service or guarantee/warranty. The question is: are you a member of the guarantee or after sales service expected by your client? And even if you give it, if there is a problem that is not due to your photos but due to the photo album used, does your photo album manufacturer provide guarantee and after sales service to you too? If so, then you will not experience any significant problems, but if not, you’re really in a big trouble, because you do not make the album by yourself and it would be hard to deal with it.

With the guaranteed quality from the manufacturer or you, then as a consumer you will not feel disadvantaged and will feel more secure when using products and services you offer to your clients, and they will feel secure when conducting business with you

Existence, grand & commitment

The existence of a company in the midst of society is also very important. The company’s age can be an important consideration for you in choosing a photo album manufacturer. Why is that? As the longer the age of the company, the more tough the company to survive and to have experiences in making photo albums and facing problems that may occur in the manufacturing process. The company must also have a clear commitment and be a reliable partner supplier as a guarantee of product quality. Choose a reliable, trusted and experienced brand in making quality albums.

We can not deny that the world of photography is always evolving and always wants changes. Along with that, a well-planned strategy as well as a reliable partner and supplier are very necessary to be able to market your product properly so that there is no underpay.

Creative fashion & exotic wedding concept

Art of photography is not a stagnant art. Every time the customer of the art of photography always wants a new thing in a new point of view too. Thus, continuous learning is needed to comply with it. Pt. Susan Photo Album as one company related to photography world always wants to help the photographers to be able to develop themselves in the world of photography business with increasingly fierce competition. Through seminar held at Pisa Meda café on May 14, 2008 ago, Pt. Susan Photo Album invited professional speakers in the field of Anton Ismael “the best photography & craftsmanship in advertising 2006 and the best L’oreal photographer in Asia region”, and Yus Prinandi “digital imaging artist”. The event that gained the attention of the enthusiasts of photography field was successful. Pisa Meda Café was crowded since the event was attended by 130 participants. In this seminar, photographers did not merely get the theory of how to take good pictures, but they were also given the opportunity to feel how to take a photograph of professional models presented. With this event, Pt. Susan Photo album hopes that young photographers can occasionally view wedding photography from different angle/viewpoint and get new ideas that may have not been thought, because this seminar was not presented by a wedding photographer but through the point of view of a highly skilled fashion and advertising photographer in the field.