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If you want to order our product but still wondering how you can take your ordered item because of your position which is far from our place, you don’t have to be worry, has anticipated this order possibility by made a cooperation agreement with JNE and FedEx. Thanks to this agreement, you can order our product anytime, and the product delivery can be done every day, except for Sunday and holiday.

If you want to get your order delivered on the same day, it is better for you to order and pay the product before 3 PM. If you do the order exceeding the maximum order time, your ordered item will be delivered on the next working day.

How can you check how much the delivery tariff of your order? Well, it’s easy. You only have to check it on if you use the JNE delivery system. The duration of your item delivery depends on some factors, such as; the distance between your home and Semarang City, and also on the delivery tariff types you choose. As an example, if you are Jakarta citizen, you can choose the JNE REG delivery tariff type, and you will get your order arrived in two working days, if you choose the JNE YES delivery type, your item will arrive only in one working day, meanwhile, you can get your ordered item in five working days if you choose the JNE OKE delivery tariff type.