There is a term that says “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” Do you agree with it?

Business planning is very important in the very competitive business world, because without a well-planned planning, a business will be shuffling and fall because it doesn’t have a clear target.

Business plan is a process of planning in marketing goods and services by a company that clarifies and classifies potential customers so that the company can understand and choose the target markets better.

Basically, a business plan is a planning. Like all planning, business plan have a variety of forms, ranging from the most complex to the simplest details. The simplest business plan detail is usually only small notes that we write on a piece of paper. But if it includes all things that become a requirement in a business plan, then the simple business plan can be perfect.

In making a plan, the first thing to know is the purpose of making the business plan. Is it intended to apply for a job as a marketing planer, to apply for a credit in a bank, or for a business itself?

If the purpose is to become a marketing planer or apply credit in a bank, one will require a detailed marketing plan and in accordance with the standards of a marketing plan. You can get the relevant books in bookstores.

But at this time I will discuss about marketing plan that aims for business in a brief and simple manner.

As we know, the main purpose of doing business is to make a profit. So if the purpose is to conduct a business, then we will focus more on the execution. Therefore, a complicated business plan is not appropriate.

In making a business plan, there are 2 important things we need to know

  • Who is the target for the business plan?

If it is directed to us, then the conditions are:

* easy to understand,

* comfortable for us,

* and in accordance with our understanding of the business undertaken.

  • Do not waste your time by trying to create a beautiful business plan (and forget to sell our goods or services).

If there is anything about the business plan that has not been understood, it does not matter. Skip it first, along with the process of your business, then the understanding of the business that you live will be extended. Business plans will grow even more with the additions to perfectness. Business plan is not static, but dynamic.

Remember! What’s more important in business is the execution. Therefore, create an effective business plan, and immediately execute it continuously in accordance with your understanding of the market that keeps changing all the time.

Practical steps in making a business plan:

  1. Segmenting: knowing your target market

As we know that the “photography business” market is everyone who needs a photo. But it is not possible if you want to serve everyone. You have to specify which segment will be addressed first.

  1. Targeting: select and set your target market.

After knowing your market segment, choose which target market segment to reach specifically. For example when choosing a private market segment, you have to further specify which parts will be addressed, such as industry, individuals, agency, celebrity, etc. After selecting one or more target markets, the next step is to define the position.

  1. Positioning: what perceptions (estimates) that can make consumers prefer to choose your products and services? Compared it to your competitors.

The point is, this product or service will be positioned in the mind of your target markets.

For example, if you offer a wedding photography service for private, personal, and middle to upper segment, of course the products offered, the services provided, and the place you promote and advertise should also be in line with the expectations of those market segments. Do not promote any product and service too “high” in the minds of consumers, if your products, services and promotions is not the case. Or vice versa, you set a high positioning but the market can not reach the price offered, then it will be very dangerous because you can just lose the consumers.

To create a plan, in addition to your position, you should keep in mind the position of the competitors. Why is this important? Because by understanding this, it will help you in determining the right sales strategy in competing with them.

Identify whichever your closest competitor’s market (head to head). Find out what their strengths, weaknesses and limitations are. This will be very helpful in making a well-planned business planning.


This is just the simplest description of some steps of business planning. In planning a business, of course you have to know what to do for your business. Actually making a business plan is not something complicated or requires a special skill. Basically, every day we have made plans even though many of them are just in our mind. For example, when reading this article, you must be planning something to do after this. Is that right? so make your own business plan now.

You do not need to be afraid to make a business plan because the business plan is not any right or wrong things, but about how to gain profit from the business being undertaken.

Keep trying and good luck!