This will not advance your business.

Continue the discussion of “3 things to consider in choosing a photo album”, we have reached the point 3 that a photo album design must match with the photos displayed in it. For the users of photo albums, choosing an appropriate photo design will perfect your photo work as a whole, whether it for wedding, corporate, fashion, or other photos. We can see it in the examples below.

In this edition we will discuss photo album for the wedding event. For wedding album there are many photo album designs that can be the choice of the photographer. The theme is usually adjusted to the wedding theme chosen by the bride and groom couples supported by wedding decoration at the reception. For example photo albums with:


Photo albums with the theme of classic design as above can last long, because the classic design is a lasting design and will not be obsolete by age. The selection of color and covering material is very important to reinforce the impression of classic on the album.


Quite attractive at present because the photos inside will look more prominent, and for consumers who want something that looks clean and neat on the look of the album, this design is very suitable.


This design is the current trend. The albums with the vintage theme will definitely look very exclusive when using covering material and ornament that support the whole design. Now you already have a little information of some photo album designs and ornaments that match the theme. In addition to the design styles above, of course there are many other styles such as Chinese style, traditional style, Japanese style etc. Of course all that is tailored to the theme of the photo you produce and the consumer you expect “is the most suitable for your photos, and happy to be creative”.

In the next issue it will be discussed about the photo album designs for corporate photography that can certainly inspire you, and also, the continuation of point 4 and 5 of 5 things to consider in choosing a photo album.