“Play On and Inspiring More”

In the Annual Indonesian Photography Community (KFI) event, PT Susan Photo Album participated as a sponsor in the 7th KFI anniversary. Themed “RAGAM INDONESIA” This annual Gathering involves 50 Beautiful Models of the Archipelago, 1000 Photographers, Dozens of Make Up Artists and Fashion Designers quite well known among Indonesian Photography Lovers.

The event was also filled with Talkshows and Workshops on the latest world of photography by presenting 3 Photography Expert Speakers in their respective fields:
1. Travel Photography – @dodykusuma
2. Profesional Photography – @darwis_triadi
3. Lanscape Photography – @ ebbie.vebriadrian

The event will be held on:
Sunday, September 23, 2018 at Grand Maerokoco – Semarang, Central Java at 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Registration :
– Through the Cheers Application => 100 First Registrants IDR 80,000 => 101 & then IDR 130,000
– Through the Committee => On The Spot Rp. 150,000